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1982 - what a very good year. Why? Drew Barrymore made her film debut in E.T. Dustin Hoffman won an academy award for his role as a cross-dressing actor in Toostie and The Hayley was born. The middle child in a family of seven grew up with rock 'n' roll on the radio, truck shows and hide and seek at mum and dad's workshop on Saturdays.

I love the movies (love Rob Reiner - When Harry Met Sally, A Few Good Men, The Story Of Us are just a few) My sisters and I would play (and still do) games that challenged our knowledge of the movies. IT WAS MAD. Good times. I love comedy shows- the Simpsons, Fast Forward, Saturday Night Live, Jay Leno, etc. grew up with Lois &  the Clark all through high school.

I would best see myself as a person who makes sure everyone has a fun time.. but  my friends say "yeah Hayley" or holds their head and says " oh my god Hayley" while my supportive Steve would say " you're a nut" ( but I think he's a pistachio, anyway.)

Life is good cause all you need to have is a good song full ball on the radio with your friends. Nothing can be better.

My aspirations for the future - the only thing I want is for someone to think my ideas are original and interesting.

There is someone I have to thank and that's Steve my best friend my "qwan" (from Jerry Maguire) for creating this amazing site and for believing in me, as well.

Here I will finish enjoy the site and don't judge a book my its cover.